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Let's take your desserts to another level

While we serve a variety of different sweet delicacies, our famous Basundi is a soothing sweet dish in itself and is a perfect solution to our Sweet cravings even though the cravings refuse to stop.

My sweet tooth is completely lovin' it! And just so you know, there are multiple dessert recipies that can be made out of our Basundi. Isn't that cool?

Gajar Ka Halwa


Carrot -1kg, Sugar - 500gm, Basundi- 500gm, Mehak Desi Cow Ghee – 4 tbsp


Step 1: Peel the carrots & grate them. Now add the grated carrot and sauté in Mehak Desi Cow Ghee for 20 minutes, till the moisture of the carrot dries out.

Step 2: Add Basundi and small amount of sugar.

Step 3: Cook on medium heat for 30 minutes while stirring continuously till the mixture dries up

Tasty Gajar ka halwa is now ready to serve.


Preparation: 15 mins

Chilling: 30 mins

Servings: 5

Ingredients: 400g Basundi, 200g Strawberries, 300g cream


Step 1: Puree strawberries in mixer-grinder.

Step 2: Combine Basundi & fresh cream. Whisk till thick.

Step 3: Fold in strawberry puree and set in freezer.

Delicious Strawberry ice cream is ready

Gear up to prepare all time festive season favorite home-made Kheer and Kaju Katli, Cakes, Muffins, Pastries and Puddings with our ready-made Basundi.

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