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Shalini Desai from Versova on Mehak Buffalo Ghee:
"Excellent product.
 Totally worth my money"

Shalini Desai

Priya Kanji from Kandivali on Mehak Cow Ghee:
"Love the taste and aroma. Cheers to Mehak Ghee"

Priya Kanji

Sunita Avasthi from Airoli on Mehak Buffalo Ghee: 
"Purchased Buffalo Ghee and its really good in taste.”

Sunita Avasthi

Pooja Damker from Kalyan on Mehak Cow Ghee: 
"Its totally value for money. Definitely going to place repeat orders.”

Pooja Damker

Kaustubh Joshi from Pune on Mehak Buffalo Ghee:
"Have not come across such quality of Ghee in the past. Thanks Mehak by Maurya Dairy”

Kaustubh Joshi

Vidhisha Jaiswal from Pune on Mehak Cow Ghee: 
“Convenient and hassle free ordering.
On-time product delivery.”

Vidhisha Jaiswal

Vinit Bhatt from Andheri on Mehak Cow Ghee: 
"Great taste and leak proof packaging.”

Vinit Bhatt

Mithali More from Pune on Mehak Cow Ghee:
“It is really good. Highly recommended. It adds nice flavor to all the dishes it is added to”

Mithali More

Nimna Rajan from Navi Mumbai on Mehak Cow Ghee:
“It tastes yummy. Really liked it. Thanks”

Nimna Rajan

Meghna Pithadia from Kandivali on Mehak Cow Ghee:
“Love the aroma. It also tastes great.”

Meghna Pithadia

Swapnali Joshi from Thane on Mehak Buffalo Ghee:
“Love it. Exactly like homemade one. Color is rich and smell is pleasant.”

Swapnali Joshi

Ashok Menon from Bangalore on Mehak Cow Ghee:
“I was in search of a good quality ghee for so long. Finally found one”

Ashok Menon